Because He Lives...He has blessed me!

Because He Lives...He has blessed me!
My first Grand Blessings

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things to do to Prepare to Sell Your House

  1. Repair and paint sheetrock ceilings and walls from leaks in roof.
  2. Caulk cracks in moldings.
  3. Paint all rooms neutral colors if possible.
  4. Stretch carpet and clean all spots.
  5. Empty as much as possible all closets and have orgainized.
  6. Take everything off countertops in kitchen and bathrooms.
  7. Take everything off refrigerator top and front and sides.
  8. Arrange basement as a room and get rid of all unnecessary objects.
  9. It is ok to store extras in storage area in basement, looks like you have loads of storage. Empty all rooms to as bare as possible.
  10. Cut grass in back yard and clean up, people with children want yards.
  11. Clean, clean, clean, sparkly and shiny!
  12. Wash windows and have very clean.
  13. Replace any broken seal windows.
  14. Repair any bad pieces of siding.

Keep your house in good repair. Go outside and walk in the front door. Immediately, look at your house as if you are the buyer. If you see something that doesn’t look well, so do they. A buyer these days has so much to choose from that the house with the least amount of negatives will win every time.

A clean house will show well, a dirty house does not. Shine it up!!

When you sell your house, you have to keep it ready. Never leave it so unorgainized, that if I call you have to say, “not today”. This may be the only chance this person has to look.
Don’t give that buyer a chance to buy something else. Today is when they want to see it, don’t put them off to another day!!!! Stay ready.

Is it a pain? Yes. But, do you want to sell quickly and get top dollar? Then keep it clean, and keep it ready. Not only will your house sell, but you will be happier in it too.

Listen to your agent. If she or he says, do this or do that. Then do it!!! They are professionals. They aren’t out to make you mad or hurt your feelings. They want to sell your house. Nothing is worse for an agent, than to list a property that is not made sellable.
It is a group effort. You hire us, listen to us! Please…… We are all in it together. If your house does not sell, we make no money, and neither do you!!!!

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