Because He Lives...He has blessed me!

Because He Lives...He has blessed me!
My first Grand Blessings

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My God is An Awesome God!!

My God is an awesome God.

My God is an awesome God, He reigns over Heaven and Earth! I have experienced the person of God this week. I had the occassion to pray boldly before His throne and pester Him, and be persistent, and pretty much demand that He show me He is here!!! I was halfway afraid He would not show up. But my God did!!!!! He answered my prayer exactly as I asked He answer it with no swaying right or left!!!!! I wanted to run through the streets and tell everyone I know, "Do you know my God? He is real, He is here!!! I am so excited that I know He engages with me in conversation!!! He heard me, He answered me, and He spoke to my heart! He said to me, "I have shown myself to you, now trust Me in whatever comes, You know I am here. I am."
Wow!!! Now, I have the job of sharing this! People will be annoyed and think I am crazy, but I do not care. I promised Him if He would show me He is here, that I would be a fool for Him. I will do whatever it is that He needs me to do.
God loves us. His whole goal was to have a relationship with us. He made man to engage with. He gave us the free will so that we could worship Him and Know Him because we want to. He wants us to choose to seek Him, to want to know who He is, He wants to walk with us daily, and be in control. Let Him. Your life will be full of wonder and blessing.
The Word says, "IF you abide (live) in Me, and My Word Abides (lives, you study it and learn it) in you, you can ask whatever you want and I will do it". It is a promise. But the condition is that we seek Him, really seek Him and learn His word and get it in us. We have to eat His word, digest it and let it nourish our souls.
Just get started. Once you start you will never get enough. I promise.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Assignments for Sellers From Listing Agent....ME!

I have two Rome homes for sale that are almost ready to go on the market. One Seller is a previous client, so she knew to expect "assignments" from me. The other Seller is a referral, so at our first meeting, I was faced with the difficult task of itemizing what they needed to do to prepare their Rome home for sale: paint this, re-carpet that.preparing Tulsa home for sale
Unless impossible from a financial standpoint, I like to get my Rome home for sale move-in ready. The inventory of homes is so high that Buyers will not spend a minute considering a home that has dingy carpet, hot pink walls or outdated curtains. When Buyers walk into your home, you want them to say, "Oh my gosh, this is perfect and I don't need to do a thing!"  Your Rome home for sale must "WOW" the Buyers in the first ten seconds, which is why your front lawn/garden and entry way are critical.
 Home Buyers also must see themselves living in your home. They must feel comfortable that their furniture will fit in your living and dining rooms and that your closets are large enough for their home. Realtors don't ask you to empty 40% of your closets because we think you have nothing better to do - if your closet is crammed, the Buyer will think that there is not possibly enough room for their clothes. If your kitchen counters are cluttered with canisters, spices, toasters and mixers, Buyers will think that there is not enough counter space for them to prepare dinner.
Hiring a home stager for a consultation can pay off in the long run. We know that your favorite 20 year-old recliner is exactly where you want it to watch television, but is it making the room appear crowded? The National Association of Realtors reports that staged homes bring almost 7% more in price than homes that were not staged. So, while your furniture is arranged the way you want to LIVE, it may not be arranged in the best manner to attract a Buyer. I can help you with that also.
Yes, it's an inconvenience to store that toaster if you are use to keeping it out, but wouldn't you store it if it would decrease your days on market and increase the price you could get for your home? So, consult with your Realtor about what you need to do to prepare your home for market. Typically, fresh paint and new flooring will be the least expensive improvements that will immediately increase the value of your home.
Remember that in addition to selling homes, we work with Buyers. So, we know what turns Buyers on and what turns them off. Get your Rome home for sale 100% ready to sell before your Realtor puts that sign in your yard!

Pessimistic Media Shut UP!

Members of the Media reporting on the housing market – would you shut the hell up?!!

Members of the Media reporting on the housing market – would you up?!!
Members of the Media reporting on the housing market are giving the public a very skewed view of the reality of our real estate market. It may be a “Buyers Market” in some areas and a “Sellers Market” in another. While home prices have declined in some markets, they are completely stable in other areas.
Don't believe all that you hear in the news!
It’s my job to educate my clients in my geographic area and it’s YOUR job to report the news accurately. You can’t talk for five minutes about how HORRIBLE the housing market is, then close with a ten-second disclaimer that “local markets vary.”
How has your irresponsible reporting affected my job? My Rome home Buyer considered putting an offer on a home that he loves five weeks ago, but after hearing YOUR report, he decided to wait a little longer – just in case we “hadn’t hit bottom yet.” He still wants to offer 15% below list price because he HEARD you say that no one should pay full price in “this market.” In the meantime, he’s lost over $10,000 due to the increase in interest rates in the last five weeks.
Members of the Media reporting on the housing market – would you shut up?!!
And my home Seller received two offers this week on her property – both well below asking price. Thankfully, she doesn’t HAVE to sell and has the luxury of waiting on an educated Buyer to make an offer on her Rome home for sale.
So, members of the media reporting on the housing market, why don’t you PREFACE your reports that markets differ geographically? And while you’re at it, why don’t you report on some of the areas of the country that are on stable footing? In other words, do your job and let me do mine!