Because He Lives...He has blessed me!

Because He Lives...He has blessed me!
My first Grand Blessings

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Requests for Referrals. Thanks, please read if you are my friend....

January 18, 2011

Dear Friend,

I hope your New Year has started well. I know that this coming year is going to be full of fun and happiness for us all. I know that you know the real estate business has been off, but I have decided to make this year different. I am going to start it off by asking for your help.

Real estate has always been a referral business. I am now, asking for your referrals of anyone you know that may be in the market to buy, sell, or rent a home, or commercial building. I have always relied on your referrals, but with the market being as it is, it is even more important to remind my friends that I am need of you sending me business. I ask you to think of me when you hear someone talking real estate. Give me a call or give them one of my cards and ask them to call me.

I have been in this industry for 28 years. I am a professional. I make it my business to be informed of the market and your interests. So you can assure I will take care of your referrals as if they are you.

Thanks so much for your help. The greatest compliment I can receive is your trust with your family and friends.


Karen McAlister Jordan
Hardy Realty